Visual and Performing Arts

A Few Words From our Community Leader

Welcome to the Arts Community! As a part of the Sunset Park High School family, the Arts community has high expectations of all our students in and outside of the classroom. We will support you as you persevere through diverse and sometimes challenging academic experiences, work with peers and as you decide how you would like to impact the world in and outside of the classroom. You will exercise and strengthen your ability to critically think and navigate the world around. You will have a voice and use that voice to lead and inspire. As a community and school, your peers, teachers and all school staff members will be here to support you, encourage you and push you towards your goals.

Assistant Principal A. Brembridge - 718-840-1900 Ext. 3191

Arts Community Expectations

Arrive ON TIME to class and sit in your assigned seat
Be PREPARED to class (pen, binder, folder, homework, etc)
Begin assigned work ON TIME
Listen CAREFULLY to other students and teachers
Speak RESPECTFULLY to teachers and classmates
PARTICIPATE in class discussions and group work
ASK questions
COMPLETE daily activities and assignments
Hold yourself and your classmates ACCOUNTABLE for these expectations

Community Guidance Counselor

Stacey Forman

 718-840-1900 Ext. 3236