Our Donors


           We are looking to establish a fund as part of the school’s general bank account to offset the costs for these programs. As such, any individual donations would be accepted to the Sunset Park High School General Fund and would be used as needed to pay for students’ participation in University at Albany’s University in the High School Environmental Science (all 11th Grade students), NYU’s College Preview Program ( accepted 12th Grade students), the LIU Early College Scholars (accepted 11th and 12th Grade students, 10th Grade possible in the later years) and other programs as identified in the future.

           We would also like to encourage donors to have a more meaningful connection to the students they would be helping through our Adopt-a-Class program. In this program, we would be asking donors to fund an entire class through the University at Albany’s University in the High School Program. This would enroll students in the 12th Grade who have selected the course. Donors would also be able to provide mentoring experiences and guest lectures to the class. Donors would have the opportunity to host eligible students as interns because students in the 12th Grade are enrolled in internship as part of their school experience in partnership with our lead community-based organization, Center for Family Life.   So, students enrolled in this early college class could work with the donor(s) inside and outside of class, rendering the experience a true synthesis of college- and career-ready preparation. The cost would run from between $3,000 and $5,100.

Inquiries should be made directly to Principal Victoria Antonini



Adopt-a-Class Supporters

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