Confiscation & Return of Electronic Items

Uniform Procedure for Student Use of Electronics

When a student is seen using his or her electronics inappropriately

  • Teacher will Issue the student a verbal warning/reminder.
  • Teacher will Issue the student another verbal warning and inform the student their name is going on the electronics list.
  • Every day,  teacher grade teams hold meetings to go over individual teacher lists.
  • Any student whose name is on 2 or more individual lists (and that can include the same teacher for 2 different periods/classes such as Global and Advisory) will have their name written on the daily Electronic Intervention Log. 
  • The next day, during morning entry the dean assigned will confiscate the electronics of the students who are on the list. The electronics will be held in the deans’ office for the remainder of the day.

 Consequence Steps:

  • 1st Confiscation – Electronic device is returned at the end of that school day. This will be facilitated by the dean supervising Detention / Suspensions for that day.
  • 2nd Confiscation – Parents will be contacted and the electronic device is held for a minimum of 5 school days.  
  • 3rd Confiscation – Electronics will only be returned to a parent or guardian.