Health and Human Services

A Few Words From our Community Leader

Welcome to the webpage for the Health & Human Services Community at Sunset Park High School! We are very excited to have you here as part of our community. In the Health Community, we hope to engage you in thinking and work that will better acquaint you with the world around you and help you to better understand yourself – your ideas, beliefs, interests, goals – so that you may work toward finding your place in this world and ultimately, toward impacting the world in which we live. You are the future, and you are the leaders of tomorrow. Let’s enjoy this work and this journey together.


Assistant Principal: F. Chang - 718-840-1900 Ext. 5191




Health Community Expectations


ü Arrive on time to class


ü Be prepared for class (Pen, paper, notebook, homework)


ü Begin assigned work right away


ü Listen carefully to other students and teacher(s)


ü Speak respectfully to teachers and classmates


ü Participate in classroom discussion appropriately


ü Ask questions when you do not understand something


ü Do  all assigned class work


ü Assist your classmates with their work and with their focus




Community Guidance Counselor

Brian Oestreich

718-840-1900 ext. 5235