Business and Entrepreneurship

A Few Words From our Community Leader

Welcome to the Business Community serving grades 9-11.  Our community believes in providing each student with challenging opportunities. In a culture where creativity, respect, and a true enthusiasm for learning exists.  A culture where everyone is responsible for our students' academic success, and students feel accepted and safe.  Where students are able to compete globally and promotes a passionate commitment to learning.


Assistant Principal: Derrick Donald 

Telephone number: 718-840-1900 Ext. 4191


Business Community Expectations


Community Mindedness
Respect others
Respect ourselves
Consider yourself a part of the whole
Active Listening
One mic
Give everyone space to speak
Respond to others' ideas
Active Presence and Engagement
Push yourself to do new things
Question and be curious
Promptness and Preparedness
Be on time
Have supplies to be successful 
Be ready to learn

Community Guidance Counselor

R. Mane-Furman

718-840-1900 Ext. 4235