Parent Teacher Association (PTA)

SPHS Parent’s Teachers Association Welcome

Dear Parents/Guardian,

On behalf of our PTA's  Executive Board, welcome to the 2020-2021 school year! We look forward to seeing you virtually during meetings, events, and fundraisers. There are a few things we would like to remind returning families and introduce to new families.



Every parent and/or guardian of a SPHS is automatically a member of the SPHS PTA. When you hear of the fantastic things the PTA does, it is you who is responsible. When the PTA needs to raise funds and recruit volunteers to make this all possible...we look to you to help.



Executive Board: The PTA is overseen by the Executive Board. Feel free to say “hello” if you see us around the school. We would love to hear from you, but often time is limited or our kids want our attention too. If you have a suggestion or comment, we prefer that you email us. That way, we can respond more thoughtfully.



We strongly urge you to attend our monthly meetings. These meetings always provide the latest information, updates from the Principal and the Executive Board. Your input is always important at these meetings – you will be voting on PTA key issues. Attending these meetings will help keep you involved and informed on issues related to your child’s education.



The most important thing you can do for your child is to be involved: Volunteer your time. Come out to the PTA meetings. Read the minutes. Give us your thoughts. Jump in and help. Ask questions. Donate what you can. Everyone is busy, but please find a little time to help contribute to your child’s educational experience. It’s a wonderful investment that will produce lasting benefits.


We wish you and your children a successful and a happy school year. We hope to see you at PTA Meetings which are held virtually every month.

PTA Executive Board Member 2021-2022


  • Jessica Garcia


  • Joanna Vasquez


  • Carolina Aparicio

School Leadership Team Parent Members 2021-2022

PTA President

  • Jessica Garcia

Elected Parents

  • Christina Jackson
  • Joana Vazquez
  • Thelma Herbert

If you are interested in joining the SLT, please reach out to J. Herrera


This is our School Leadership Team Bylaws.  If you are interested in reading what we have discussed in previous meetings we are including our SLT minutes from 2020- 2021 School Year.