Student's Expectation During COVID

Students reporting time  - 9:05 AM to 2:32 PM


If you are interested in afterschool please complete the survey below under Center for Family Life (CFL):

CFL Survey

Student In-Person Entry

  • Students will enter through the main entrance (lobby).
  • Line will form outside heading towards 3rd Avenue and circling D’Emic Park
  • There are grey/red lines on the sidewalk marking 6’ apart.
  • As students enter the building they will need to show the results of their health survey screening here.
  • Staff, students, families and visitors can download the tool to their phone.
  • Side note: Random tests (on-site) will begin on October 1st. Mandatory for faculty/staff and students.  Students are required to have a signed permission slip to enter the building.

*Students should be prepared for inclement weather while waiting on line outside

Breakfast and Lunch - Eaten during Instructional Periods

  • Students will pick up bagged breakfast as they enter the building.
  • Students will eat breakfast during the first twenty (20) minutes of first (1st) period from 9:05 AM to 9:25 AM.
  • Lunch will be distributed to the classrooms during 5th period (11:41 AM)
  • Students will eat lunch during the first twenty (20) minutes of fifth (5th) period from 11:41 AM to 12:11 PM.
  • Students will not be permitted to eat in hallways.
  • Teachers will have access to reusable face shields.
  • If a student is late, they/she/he must wait until the next designated time to eat.